ABB and Aker Solutions are expanding a strategic alliance agreement for seabed solutions for oil and gas from 2016, which will accelerate technology development for offshore wind power and offshore fish farming. The collaboration will also support more efficient design and fabrication and more sustainable operation and maintenance of such facilities. Like the existing agreement, the extension is not exclusive.

The updated agreement now covers electrical and control for seabed solutions and offshore wind, power-from-shore and electrical, instrumentation, control and telecommunications for offshore aquaculture.

“Our close and good relationship with ABB over several years has created sustainable innovation in both oil and gas and new technologies for renewables in close collaboration with common customers,” says Anders Hannevik, Executive Vice President, Customers and Strategy, Aker Solutions. “We look forward to building on the good cooperation developed over several years to develop new technologies and systems for sustainable aquaculture facilities and low-carbon, energy-efficient solutions for the energy transition.”

“We have had a close, good, and fruitful collaboration with Aker Solutions for several years which has created success for both parties and joint customers,” says Tor Ove Lussand, Local Division Manager, Energy Industries, ABB in Norway. “We look forward to an expanded collaboration that will accelerate technological development for the energy transition and aquaculture facilities with economies of scale and greater sustainability. The world needs more renewable energy to decarbonise and seafood that is produced in a more sustainable way.

Facts – strategic alliance agreement

  • Power distribution solutions, medium and high voltage, for subsea consumers such as pumps and compressors
  • Control, safety and automation solutions for subsea applications
  • Subsea power distribution solutions, medium and high voltage, including associated topside equipment for offshore wind and power-from-shore
  • Electrical, instrument, control, and telecommunications and power-from-shore for aquaculture

Image source: Courtesy of ABB

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