ACCIONA Energía has commissioned the Malgarida photovoltaic complex (238 MWp), in the Atacama desert, in Chile. With this complex, ACCIONA Energía reaches a renewable capacity in the country of 922MW, with a total of seven active installations.

Malgarida I and Malgarida II will generate 654GWh of clean electricity annually, equivalent to the demand of some 280,000 Chilean households, which will prevent the emission of some 512,000 tons of CO2 per year.

The new renewable facilities are made up of 580,000 photovoltaic modules installed on horizontal monitoring structures, which have been installed on an area of ​​535 hectares in one of the areas with the highest level of radiation in the world. The associated investment reaches US $ 170 million (€ 144 million).

Chile is one of the exponents of ACCIONA Energy’s project development and execution capacity. The company has tripled its operating assets in the country in two and a half years.

“We have made a great constructive and managerial effort to carry out the portfolio of projects contemplated in our development plan,” said José Ignacio Escobar, director for South America at ACCIONA Energía. “In 2020 we put into operation the Tolpán Sur wind farm (84MW) and the Usya photovoltaic plant (64MWp) and began the construction of Malgarida, which is already injecting energy into the national electricity system, reinforcing ACCIONA Energía’s leading position as the main exclusive operator of renewable energies in Chile ”.


The construction of Malgarida has allowed ACCIONA Energía to articulate a new circular economy project in the Diego de Almagro commune, where the complex is located, in collaboration with local authorities, social representatives and academic institutions.

The initiative aims to give a second life to the 25,000 wooden pallets in which the 580,000 photovoltaic modules that were installed in the photovoltaic plants arrived in the country.

For this, ACCIONA Energía has developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Chile, a Technical Training Program in Circular Economy, manufacturing and entrepreneurship, which has provided social organisations in the commune with equipment, knowledge and skills necessary for the manufacture of furniture from pallets, such as vertical gardens, tables, shelves or facilities for hydroponic cultivation, among others.

The program aims to contribute to the economic and social boost in the commune, while significantly reducing the generation of waste.


ACCIONA Energía’s operating portfolio in Chile is made up of three wind farms
– Punta Palmeras (45MW), San Gabriel (183MW) and Tolpán Sur (84MW) – and five photovoltaic plants – El Romero (246MWp), Usya (64 MWp), Almeyda (62MWp) and the Malgarida complex (238 MWp) – with a total installed capacity of 922MW.

During the last year, the company has, in turn, increased its corporate client portfolio, which includes Movistar Chile, Google, Falabella, Nueva Atacama, LATAM Airlines Group, the National Mining Company of Chile (ENAMI), the state ECONSSA, K + S, Winpack and the agricultural Garcés Fruit, among others.

Likewise, ACCIONA Energía has signed supply contracts with all the distribution companies and cooperatives in the country as a result of the energy bidding processes for consumption by regulated clients called “2013/03 2nd call” and “2015/01”.

Image source: Courtesy of ACCIONA

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