Mega energy storage system in Swedish university town Uppsala, will contribute to Vattenfall’s mission of ‘fossil free living within one generation’

Vattenfall has selected Alfen to deliver a battery energy storage system of 20 MWh in the university town Uppsala in Sweden, also the fourth largest city in Sweden. This is the third large-scale energy storage system that Alfen will deliver to Vattenfall. The energy storage system will be connected to the power grid of distribution grid operator Vattenfall Eldistribution. The system will be deployed to address grid congestion challenges and to benefit from trading opportunities on the flexibility market.

Alfen’s scope consists of the delivery of an energy storage system of 20 MWh (5 MW) based on BMW car batteries, Alfen’s ‘TheBattery Connect’ energy management system and the local grid connection.

Stephanie Schockaert, sales manager energy storage at Alfen: “We are proud to be selected by Vattenfall to supply our battery energy storage system, as a continuation of our long- standing relationship on both EV charging and energy storage. Our prior projects for Vattenfall, that include a 3 MWh energy storage system at the Prinses Alexia Windpark in the Netherlands and a 12 MWh energy storage system as part of a new hybrid solar and wind farm, position us well to also successfully deliver this project.”

Alfen is, amongst others, specialized in BMW battery-based energy storage systems, plug-and-play concepts to minimize time on-site and scalable modular concepts.

Tina Ivarsson, Senior Project Manager at Vattenfall, comments: “The development of this new storage system in Uppsala will contribute to mitigating grid capacity limitations. We are looking forward to work with Alfen on this project due to their extensive experience and the involvement of supplier Sebab.” 

Image source: Courtesy of Alfen

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