The industrial area around the port of Ghent is an ideal location to build new wind turbines since the renewable electricity produced on-site can be used directly by the local industry. The site of the waste treatment and recycling company Renewi at Moervaartkaai, in the port of Ghent, will be equipped with a latest-generation wind turbine.

Bigger and more efficient

Thanks to the rapid development of technology, wind turbines are getting larger and more efficient. This makes it possible to optimally exploit the renewable energy potential of industrial sites such as Renewi’s. ENGIE, therefore, took into account the dimensions of the latest and largest onshore wind turbine models and applied for a permit for a wind turbine with a blade tip height of 242.5 meters and a rotor diameter of 155 meters.

13,000,000 kilowatt hours

The future wind turbine with a maximum capacity of 4.5 MW is expected to produce some 13,000,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, which is roughly equivalent to the annual consumption of 4,300 households. Renewi will be able to cover around 75% of its electricity consumption directly from the wind turbine – which will prevent around 5,700 tonnes of CO 2 per year, equivalent to the annual emissions of around 2,600 diesel cars.

Philippe Van Troeye, CEO of ENGIE Benelux: “ENGIE, the leading producer of renewable electricity in Belgium, is committed to playing a pioneering role in the transition to a carbon-neutral future and has ambitious objectives: to by 2030, we want to have 1000 MW of wind capacity on land and 1000 MW of wind capacity at sea. Thanks to our collaboration with Renewi, we are taking a further step towards achieving this goal”.

“Our recycling and recovery activities are already making it possible to limit CO ₂ emissions. But we also want to minimise the impact of our own activities as much as possible. The recovery of waste without emitting CO ₂ is one of the ambitious objectives in terms of sustainability that we want to achieve by 2050″, says Wim Geens, Managing Director of Renewi Belgium.

Operational in 2023

ENGIE is currently carrying out detailed studies for the construction of the wind turbine. In view of the longer delivery times for the components of the wind turbines, construction work is expected to begin in the second half of 2022. The commissioning of the wind turbine is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.

Citizen participation of residents and workers

Renewi employees and local residents will have the opportunity to acquire shares in the wind turbine through Electrabel CoGreen, ENGIE’s citizen cooperative.

Each year they will receive a dividend based on the amount of electricity produced by the wind turbine. In 2020, a dividend offering an average yield of 5.03% was paid, which is well above the indicative target set at 3%. More details on the possibilities of participation will be communicated later.

ENGIE, the leading producer of renewable energy in Belgium

As the country’s leading producer of renewable electricity, ENGIE has great ambitions in the field of wind energy. By 2030, ENGIE intends to develop 1000 MW of onshore wind power and 1000 MW of offshore wind power. Today, ENGIE already has 836 MW of renewable generation capacity, of which 461 MW is onshore wind energy. An additional 57 MW are under construction and 37 MW are authorised and free of any appeal.

Image source: Courtesy of ENGIE

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