Boralex Inc. has commissioned 3 wind farms for a total capacity of 53 MW. Boralex operates 1.1 GW in France and 2.5 GW worldwide.

These parks are located in the town of Louville-la-Chenard in the Eure-et-Loir department, in the Centre-Val de Loire region. These commissionings consist of the renewal of two existing wind farms consisting of six wind turbines each and the construction of an extension consisting of seven wind turbines. The three projects were carried out in parallel and supervised by Boralex teams. Between them, they will produce around 138 GWh per year, ie the annual electricity consumption of around 60,000 French households, the equivalent of the city of Orléans.

  • Renewal of the Remise de Réclainville wind farm:
    • Date of commissioning: May 9, 2022
    • Characteristics of the new wind turbines: 6 Nordex N117 (unit power of 2.4 MW, height of 150 m at the tip of the blade)
    • Total power of the park after renewal: 14 MW (Power before renewal: 12 MW)
  • Renewal of the Evits & Josaphat wind farm:
    • Date of commissioning: June 24, 2022
    • Characteristics of the new wind turbines: 6 Nordex N117
    • Total power of the fleet after renewal: 14 MW (Power before renewal: 12 MW)
  • Bois des Fontaines wind farm:
    • Date of commissioning: May 12, 2022
    • Wind turbine characteristics: 7 Nordex N117
    • Total power of the park: 25 MW

“As an owner-operator of renewable energy production sites, Boralex strives to manage the life cycle of its sites optimally. Wind renewal is an integral part of our strategy. To date, 100% of our end-of-cycle sites have not only been renewed, but also modernised. The renewal is, moreover, advantageous for the municipalities that welcome us. In fact, it perpetuates the commitments made at the initial commissioning and the production of local and highly competitive green energy,” said Nicolas Wolff, Vice-President and General Manager Boralex, Europe.

Prioritise the circular economy

The dismantling plan for the renewal of the Remise de Réclainville and Evits & Josaphat wind farms focuses on the reuse of raw materials and the recycling of existing materials, according to the principles of the circular economy. Thus, 300 m 3 of concrete and 40 tonnes of steel per dismantled wind turbine were collected and sent to their respective recycling streams. Wind turbines will get a second life thanks to their sale on the second-hand market.

Respect and protect biodiversity

From the design phase of our projects, we apply with the greatest rigour the regulatory procedures and the principle of the ERC sequence (“Avoid, Reduce, Compensate”) in order to avoid as much as possible the repercussions of our activity on the environment. . The wind farm site carried out in the municipality of Louville-la-Chenard has, in its entirety, been regularly monitored by an ecologist since its start in July 2021. Also, among the measures in favour of biodiversity, 300 linear metres of hedge composed of local species were planted in January 2022 in order to create habitats of interest for the surrounding species.

Image source: Courtesy of Boralex

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