The High Voltage Substation Foundation Event at the Monolithos area of Thira successfully marked the commencement of construction works for the electrical interconnection of Santorini. The island’s interconnection aims to achieve local energy efficiency through the island of Naxos, which has already joined the mainland electricity network in October 2020. The event was attended by Mr. Antonis Sigalas, Mayor of Thira, Mr. Manos Manousakis, President and CEO of IPTO and Mr. Alexis Alexiou CEO of Cenergy Holdings and Hellenic Cables, who, at the press conference organised by the Independent Power Transmission Operator in Santorini, stressed the importance and benefits of connecting the island.

“With the electrical interconnection starting on time, to be completed in the first semester of 2023, we will integrate Santorini, one of the top tourist destinations in the world, to the High Voltage System, ensuring quality electricity from the mainland, with multiple benefits for the local economy and the environment. With this project the Operator enters the fourth and final phase of the Cyclades Interconnection project. By 2024 we will also have interconnected Folegandros, Milos and Serifos; this will be the last step in an 800+ million Euros investment, aiming to shield more than 20 Cycladic islands. The last phase of the Cyclades Interconnection is of major importance for the national energy and environmental objectives, as we estimate that its operation will reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by about 150 thousand tons and will create a margin of up to 730 MW for the development of new RES,” said Manos Manousakis.

“Hellenic Cables embraces IPTO’s great vision for energy shielding the Greek islands, supporting their interconnection projects. The commencement of the Santorini-Naxos interconnection works marks the first step in securing the energy supply and the environmental upgrading of the island of Santorini, leading to a low-carbon economy. We are very proud that through our cable solutions, we decisively contribute to the quality, uninterrupted and environmentally friendly power supply; this will upgrade the lives of both residents and tourists on the island, which is one of the most important travel destinations in the world,” stressed Alexis Alexiou.

The integration of Santorini in the High Voltage System through Naxos is part of the 4th phase of the electrical interconnection of the Cyclades, which is due to be complete in 2024. This is a vital project for the safe electricity supply of Santorini and Thirasia islands, especially during the summer months. The submarine section of the Santorini-Naxos interconnection will have a total length of 82.5 km and will be immersed at a maximum depth of 400 metres.

Τhis phase includes the design, supply, and installation of submarine and land cables of 150kV for the interconnection of Santorini with Naxos as part of the project of the interconnection of the Cyclades to the National Electricity Transmission System (E.S.M.I.E.).

Image source: Courtesy of Hellenic Cables

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