A subsidiary of CVR Energy is proceeding with the next phase of the KBR Solid Acid Alkylation Technology (K-SAATTM) project for its refinery in Wynnewood, Oklahoma.

CVR Energy previously awarded a contract to KBR to provide the basic engineering design based on K-SAAT technology to revamp its existing HF alkylation unit at its Wynnewood refinery. CVR Energy now plans to take the project to the next phase, which would entail KBR providing detailed engineering of the process equipment, proprietary equipment supply and module fabrication. The expected mechanical completion of the project would be late 2024, subject to regulatory and internal approvals.

“We are extremely happy to continue working with CVR Energy on its efforts to migrate from a traditional hydrofluoric acid-based alkylation process to KBR’s innovative and groundbreaking K-SAAT process that delivers higher alkylate yield and quality,” said Doug Kelly, KBR President, Technology. “The Wynnewood refinery would be the first US installation of K-SAAT technology, which is a leading choice for grassroots alkylation applications as well as for revamping existing facilities to improve plant economics. Eliminating liquid acid catalysts just makes it that much more attractive.”

“We are pleased to have selected KBR’s innovative alkylation technology for our Wynnewood refinery,” said Dave Lamp, Chief Executive Officer and President of CVR Energy. “We chose K-SAAT after assessing available alkylation technologies and considering the benefits we intend to achieve.”

KBR’s K-SAAT provides an opportunity to maximize the yield and quality of an ultra-clean gasoline blendstock with the ExSactâ„¢ catalyst, a revolutionary solid-acid catalyst that has been engineered to outperform liquid acid catalysts. The first commercial K-SAAT plant has been operational in China since 2018 and this technology has received great interest from refiners globally.

KBR’s licensed process technology is found in more than half of the world’s FCC units and a majority of residue upgrading units. K-SAAT technology reflects KBR’s commitment to providing innovative technologies that give our customers a competitive edge in attractive markets.

Source: https://www.kbr.com/

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