FIGENE Capital has engaged DC Advisory, an international investment bank committed to making a difference, to identify a strategic investor for the Polish renewable energy sources (RES) company. FIGENE Capital is seeking an investor to allow the company to pursue its strategy of developing its project portfolio and constructing wind farms and photovoltaic (PV) power plants. DC Advisory provides corporate finance expertise across 11 industry verticals, with 650 bankers in 22 locations, completing 159 transactions within the last twelve months.

FIGENE Group’s long-term strategic goal is the development of a 700-megawatt (MW) RES project portfolio. The holding company’s 2022-24 strategy calls for dynamic growth through acquisitions of new wind power installations and the launch of large-scale PV power projects. The company intends to generate revenue from the sale of energy and power purchase agreements (PPAs). Its plans also include maximising the value of its portfolio in light of market liberalisation resulting from changes to Poland’s so-called10 H Act, as well as the use of “cable pooling”, which optimises the balancing of wind and solar energy sources.

FIGENE Capital holding company has sought a financial or strategic investor to accomplish these goals. Established international investment bank, DC Advisory, will assist it in identifying potential partners. The financial resources obtained from the investor will be used to finance the construction of the company’s ready-to-build (RTB) projects and the continued growth of its wind farm and PV project portfolio. The specific terms and nature of the transaction will be discussed with selected potential investors.

“Financial investors are usually looking for a high rate of return on their investment which is difficult to achieve given the current geopolitical realities. We have ambitious plans for growth here at FIGENE Capital and operate in the RES sector, which is set for rapid expansion in the coming years. The new financial resources which we will secure will allow us to implement our investment plans and develop more RES projects. Given the high value of our asset portfolio, we believe that such an arrangement will be beneficial for both parties,” explained Janusz Petrykowski, president of the FIGENE Capital Management Board.

DC Advisory has shown a deep understanding of our aspirations and business plans and has considerable expertise regarding the role and significance of RES-sector investments. DC Advisory’s grasp of our company’s strategy and the potential profitability of FIGENE’s RTB projects has been critical to this process. Because of this, I am certain that we will soon find a valued partner who will join us in developing projects which will provide green energy for Polish business and industry – added Robert Koński, vice president of the FIGENE Capital Management Board.

“We are delighted to partner with FIGENE Capital on this next phase of growth. The company’s aspirations to make a difference not just to its client base but to the planet is impressive. We’re looking forward to working with the team to realise their goals,” said Tod Kersten, Managing Director, DC Advisory Poland.

Image source: Courtesy of FIGENE Capital

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