A Development Consent Order (DCO) has been granted by the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy for the South Humber Bank Energy Centre. This allows the development of an energy centre on vacant land at the South Humber Bank Power Station site with a gross electrical output of up to 95 MW and throughput of around 750,000 tonnes of Refuse Derived Fuel.

DWD acted as lead consultant to EP UK Investments (EPUKI) providing planning, consultation and examination management support for the new energy centre, which is to be sited near Grimsby in North East Lincolnshire.

Previous to the DCO approval, DWD provided all town planning and consultation activities and led engagement with the local planning authority for a 49MW energy centre. Full planning permission for this was granted in April 2019, after 16 weeks.

After the planning permission was granted, EPUKI assessed potential opportunities to improve the efficiency of the Consented Development and advanced proposals for the power station with a larger gross electrical output of up to 95 MW at the Site.  No changes are proposed to the maximum building dimensions and fuel throughput that were approved by the planning permission. This is classed as a ‘Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project’ (NSIP) under the Planning Act 2008, which requires a DCO from the Secretary of State.

The DCO application was submitted on 9 April 2020, accepted on 4 May 2020 and was approved on 10 November 2021 representing the first DCO to be determined in the past nine months. Collaborative and effective engagement between the applicant, North East Lincolnshire Council, the Planning Inspectorate’s independent examiner, and other stakeholders continued during 2020 and 2021 through the use of remote conferencing facilities.

Within the Secretary of State’s decision letter, it is stated that “…there is a compelling case for granting development consent, given the national need for the Proposed Development”.

The facility would represent a £300 million investment by EPUKI. Construction under the Planning Permission could start as early as 2022, and its operation will generate 50 permanent jobs.

Source: https://dwdllp.com/
Image source: Courtesy of DWD

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