Enel Green Power Panama, the renewable energy subsidiary of Enel SpA, and KIO Networks Panama, an international company that offers a broad portfolio of critical mission infrastructure and information technology services, have signed a power purchase agreement for the annual supply of 5,000 MWh of renewable electricity. This enhances the technology company’s commitment to the environment.

The Fortuna Hydro Plant will supply renewable energy to the KIO Networks Data Center in Panama, thereby preventing the emission of 2,764.70 tons of CO2 per year.

“For a company like KIO Networks, the supply of energy is a fundamental element for its specialised operations. Ensuring that this energy comes from renewable sources, brings added value to its environmental and sustainable commitments. Enel Green Power thus becomes the ideal ally, the “green enabler” for organisations like KIO Networks to go one step further in meeting their sustainability objectives and honouring their commitment to society. With KIO Networks, we also share our vision of technological transformation to create a more digitised and connected world,” said Bruno Riga, Head of Enel Green Power Central America.

“At KIO Networks, every day, we make it possible to have a more connected, more communicative, secure and more innovative world. We work to offer services that benefit the whole of society through digital platforms. We develop technological solutions and we collaborate so that governments, companies and society, in general, have a safer, more productive and more transparent life. Along this path, we seek continuous improvement and expansion of our good practices network. An example of these good practices is the use of renewable energy in our operations. It is part of our commitment to our customers, society and the planet, and we have definitely been able to complement it with Enel Green Power,” says Alejandro Flores, a Manager at KIO Networks International.

Source: https://www.enelgreenpower.com/

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