Enersense is participating in Suomen Hyötytuuli’s Front End Engineering Design for Tahkoluoto offshore wind farm foundations. Hyötytuuli is developing an extension to the Tahkoluoto offshore wind farm on the west coast of Finland, where the wind turbines will be built in deeper waters than ever before in Finland. The FEED is due to be completed in November, and the concept selection will be done in December 2023.

The foundations of the first turbines in the Tahkoluoto extension project will be built to 40 and 25 metres water depth. They will be designed to withstand the loads of the 15+ megawatt turbines and the harsh icy conditions of the Baltic Sea. Enersense Offshore’s concrete and steel hybrid foundation concept has been selected for the FEED and two other foundation concepts. Enersense’s foundation concept is designed especially for the icy part of the Baltic Sea. The development work has focused mainly on the cost-effectiveness of the marine installation operations of the foundation.

The Tahkoluoto extension project consists of forty wind turbines of over 15 megawatts. The water and construction permits are expected to be finalised this autumn. The project has received funding from EU’s NextGenerationEU.

Source: https://enersense.com/
Image source: Courtesy of Enersense

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