As part of Oman LNG’s debottlenecking project, GE Power was awarded the tender for supplying the Variable Speed Drive System (VSDS) as one of the key systems to increase the production capacity of the Oman LNG plant.

After identifying specific areas in the plant that further enhance efficiency and create additional value from surplus gas in the grid, Oman LNG has decided to embark on debottlenecking various systems and optimizing existing compressor train performance at the Oman LNG plant. Ultimately, the debottlenecking project will increase the plant’s overall production at project completion across three trains.

The VSDS from GE’s Power Conversion business – encompassing the high-voltage motor and variable speed drive – has the capacity to reach the high speed and efficiency needed to increase the compressor train production. Similar footprint and less necessary auxiliary requirements provide flexibility to the plant layout and enable smooth plant integration with its existing compressor string, which in turn reduces the associated infrastructure costs and facilitates a faster execution time.

GE’s VSDS is tested and proven across similar applications. Today, the company enjoys a global installed base of 150 GE high-speed systems, with 4.5 million operation hours accumulated.

“The oil and gas landscape is shifting as such that companies are turning attention to the more environmental friendly LNG sources to meet the energy demand. And we are right here to help,” said Ed Torres, CEO of marine and O&G, GE’s Power Conversion business. “We have a track record to deliver some of the world’s landmark LNG projects. Today, leveraging on our multiyear experience, world-class technology and execution capability, we are the partner of choice for providing electrical solutions for the LNG application.”