X-ELIO has held a groundbreaking ceremony for its 72 MW Liberty Solar Plant and 60 MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Project, located in both Liberty and Harris Counties, Texas.

X-ELIO’s Liberty 1 Solar Plant is expected to be operational by early 2024 and will generate 137 GWh of clean energy per year while creating more than 125 construction jobs. The BESS project, co-located with the solar plant, is the company’s largest industrial battery project to-date and its first in the US. It will provide a reliable and cost-effective means of storing renewable energy on-site. X-ELIO will invest a total of $136.7 million in the combined projects.

The event featured the participation of X-ELIO’s Country Manager for the US, Kerri Neary; the Harris County Office of County Administration’s Director of Sustainability, Lisa Lin; Senior Vice President and Site Manager for the BASF site in Freeport, Brad Morrison; and local community representatives.

The company also announced three local X-ELIO Community Plan Program initiatives during the event. Funding recipients included: The dWelling, a local wellness and community-building organisation, to establish community gardens; The Liberty River Trade Food Bank, to build a drainage system for this local industrial-sized food distribution facility; and a marketing and content project with Meals On Wheels, to facilitate the organisation’s outreach, raise awareness, and attract volunteers as it focuses on caring for individuals whose diminished mobility makes it difficult to shop for food, prepare meals, or socialise with others. The company also announced ongoing conversations and initiatives with three other associations in the Harris County Area expected to be closed and celebrated shortly.

The Director of Sustainability for Harris County, Lisa Lin, stated, “I am very excited to see industry vanguards, like BASF and X-ELIO, collaborate together on deploying clean energy developments locally. It mirrors the renewable energy initiatives that Harris County is considering, and we want to learn from their leadership. These projects are good for the environment, create jobs, and drive the local economy.”

“We are delighted to be here with BASF and other local stakeholders as we break ground on the Liberty 1 Solar and BESS project,” said Kerri Neary, X-ELIO Country Manager for the US. “It is a major step forward for our business strategy and an important milestone for the energy mix in Texas, a key strategic market for X-ELIO where we will continue to grow our pipeline.”

“We are excited to partner with X-ELIO on our journey towards net-zero emissions,” said Senior Vice President and Site Manager for the BASF site in Freeport, Brad Morrison. “As a result, BASF and X-ELIO have signed a 12-year PPA that will supply 48MW of solar power to our Verbund plant in Freeport, Texas. With this agreement in place, 100% of Verbund’s expected purchased power will be supplied by renewable energy.”

Source: https://www.x-elio.com/
Image source: Courtesy of X-ELIO

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