Hitachi Energy and Linxon are collaborating to strengthen London Power Tunnel (LPT), a key power infrastructure project to ensure a reliable, clean electricity supply for England’s capital city. To support National Grid in accelerating its net zero targets, Hitachi Energy will deliver EconiQ™ 420-kilovolt (kV) gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) and gas-insulated lines (GIL) containing no sulfur hexafluoride (SF6).

As one of the world’s largest investor-owned transmission and distribution utilities, National Grid aims to remove all SF6 from its fleet by 2050. In 2020, it embarked on an LPT project to replace ageing high-voltage electricity cables and expand network capacity to meet the increasing electricity demand. Considered to be one of the city’s largest engineering projects since the 1960s, the LPT will span 32.5 kilometres via underground tunnels in South London.

Linxon is building the Bengeworth Road substation for National Grid to develop the LPT infrastructure. To support National Grid in its transition to SF6-free solutions, Hitachi Energy will deliver 7 bays of its EconiQ 420 kV GIS to enable the transmission of electricity over long distances while eliminating SF6, in addition to EconiQ 420 kV GIL. The EconiQ high-voltage portfolio is 100 percent as reliable as the conventional solutions based on SF6. The installation is expected to commence by 2023.

“We’re delighted that Bengeworth Road substation, at the heart of London Power Tunnels, will be SF6-free,” said Onur Aydemir, Project Director for London Power Tunnels of National Grid. “This key power project will deliver a secure energy supply to the capital, and by using sustainable technology, we are minimising the environmental impact of our operations to support the transition to Net Zero.”

“Following the successful collaboration with National Grid on the world’s first replacement of SF6 in existing high-voltage equipment and award-winning project in Richborough, UK, we are proud to be supporting National Grid again in its transition to SF6-free solutions,” said Markus Heimbach, Managing Director of the High Voltage Products business at Hitachi Energy. “The EconiQ GIS is based on our breakthrough SF6-free 420 kV circuit-breaker that demonstrates the reliability and scalability of the technology for the lowest carbon footprint.”

“Linxon is building the infrastructure to power the world with carbon-free energy. Thanks to strong collaboration with Hitachi Energy, Linxon is able to provide the pioneering EconiQ SF6-free solution from Hitachi Energy for the Bengeworth substation, supporting our client to meet their sustainability targets”, said Stefan Reisacher, CEO of Linxon.

EconiQ is Hitachi Energy’s eco-efficient portfolio for sustainability, where products, services and solutions are proven to deliver exceptional environmental performance. Hitachi Energy has placed sustainability at the heart of its Purpose and is advancing a sustainable energy future for all.

Image source: Courtesy of National Grid

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