RES, a British company with a proud history in Scotland, has submitted a planning application to South Ayrshire Council for a 49.9MW energy storage proposal on land northeast of Holmston roundabout, near Ayr in South Ayrshire.    

Energy storage technology plays an important balancing and grid stability role. If consented, Holmston Farm will help create a more stable and secure electricity system and support the increased deployment of renewable energy. Only this week, the UN published its latest report on climate change, stating that we have the technology available to tackle the worst effects of global warming; this includes new renewables and supporting infrastructure like energy storage projects.

The site could also offer significant biodiversity enhancement opportunities through the planting of native trees, grassland and scrub areas, providing wildlife corridors and vital resources for mammals, birds, and insect species.     

Jenna Folkard, Development Project Manager at RES, commented: “As we shift to low-cost renewables, it’s important that we rapidly advance more energy storage capacity on our grid to support a more flexible system.” 

“Increasing the installed capacity of energy storage is essential to enabling and accelerating the rollout of zero carbon energy to support the UK’s net-zero emissions target by 2050, and if consented, Holmston Farm will play an integral part in allowing us to achieve this.”  

RES is active in onshore and offshore wind, solar, energy storage, green hydrogen, transmission and distribution. In its 40-year history, RES has delivered more than 23GW of renewable energy projects across the globe. 

Image source: Courtesy of RES

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