KBR has been awarded a contract to utilize its proprietary PLINKE MAGNAC® technology to produce high concentration nitric acid at Grupa Azoty’s Tarnow site in Poland.

KBR will provide basic and detailed engineering design, equipment, and related advisory services for the plant, which will be built adjacent to an existing plant that was also supplied by KBR and has been in operation since 1998.

MAGNAC is used to produce 98.5 wt% high-concentration nitric acid from fresh, weak nitric acid. KBR’s proven process and patented, unique equipment design and material selection ensure plant availability and reliability to deliver a high-value product to the market.

“This contract reinforces KBR’s existing relationship with Grupa Azoty,” said Doug Kelly, KBR President, Technology Solutions. “We are proud to deliver well-proven solutions that will enable Grupa Azoty to achieve its business expansion goals safely, reliably and efficiently.”

KBR has more than 70 years of experience in inorganics, including processes and technology solutions for crystallization, evaporation and the concentration and purification of strong inorganic acids.

The Grupa Azoty Group is a leader in the fertilizer and chemical market in Poland and one of its key players in Europe. It is the second largest EU-based manufacturer of nitrogen and compound fertilizers, and its other products, including melamine, caprolactam, polyamide, oxo alcohols, plasticisers and titanium white, enjoy an equally strong standing in the chemical sector, with a wide range of applications in various industries.

Source: https://www.kbr.com/

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