Kronos Solar EDPR has started constructing two photovoltaic projects in The Netherlands. These are EDP Renewables’ first projects in The Netherlands and one of the first through Kronos Solar.

Both located in Berkelland Municipality, in the centre-east province of Gelderland, the new solar projects will have a combined installed capacity of 20.6 MWac and more than 46 thousand bifacial solar photovoltaic panels, a technology that allows the solar irradiation to be harnessed from both sides of the panel, thus maximising renewable production.

The projects will be able to produce enough electricity to supply around 9,000 households per year. This clean energy will also avoid the emission of more than 4,000 tons of CO2 annually in Gelderland, thus seizing the region’s solar potential and maximising its transition to cleaner energy.

“Starting the construction of these photovoltaic plants demonstrates EDPR’s commitment to the energy transition and our ability to develop projects in new and key geographies, expanding our portfolio. With Kronos Solar EDPR, we are set to continue to capture growth in solar in the coming years”, highlighted Duarte Bello, COO of EDP Renewables at Europe & LATAM.

Kronos Solar EDPR has a lean development team with long-term expertise based on a track record of more than 1.4 GW through 80 successfully commissioned projects and a portfolio of 9.4 GW (7.5 GWac) of solar projects in different stages of development in Germany, France, the Netherlands and the UK, countries with a lot of potential and very ambitious renewables targets.

EDP Renewables expects to start the construction in a few months of additional projects in The Netherlands, reflecting the company’s dedication to accelerating the energy transition in the country and at a global level.

EDPR continues diversifying its technologies, with solar installations playing a key role as they already represent 12% of the company’s total portfolio. In its revised Business Plan, EDP Renewables has pledged to invest 20 billion euros until 2026 to boost renewable additions, of which 40% will be allocated to onshore technologies in European countries. The company also wants to achieve a technology mix in which solar accounts for half – 40% Utility Scale and 10% Distributed Solar.

Image source: Courtesy of EDPR

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