TransnetBW GmbH has awarded Linxon a contract for its Beuren AIS substation as part of Baden Württemberg’s transmission network upgrade and Germany’s acceleration to a greener grid

Linxon Germany has commenced work with the transmission system operator TransnetBW GmbH to upgrade the AIS substation in Beuren from 220kV to 380 kV, with completion scheduled for summer 2027. The project forms part of TransnetBW’s strategy to increase the capacity and reliability of the transmission network in Baden-Württemberg.

A brownfield investment, Linxon will provide the documents to obtain the required permit and start construction work on the new 380 kV substation. Built in 1975, the existing 220 kV substation will remain operational and connected to the grid and will then be dismantled and adequately disposed of to ensure minimum outage.

The upgrade forms part of the German Grid Development Plan 2035 (Netzentwicklungsplan – NEP), which comprises the power grid modernisation and construction projects required to reinforce the German transmission grid over the next 15 years. The gradual increase of renewable energy share in the national energy mix necessitates an upgrade of the German grid to avoid bottlenecks in the transmission of power generated by off- and onshore wind farms in the country’s North and the South.

“We’re delighted to be able to put our expertise to work once more for TransnetBW. We thank them for their continued confidence in Linxon and look forward to further strengthening our relationship by successfully executing this project to the highest quality and HSE standards,” said Stefan Reisacher, CEO at Linxon.

“We are pleased about the successful involvement of Linxon in our grid projects and, thus, the expansion of our supplier portfolio. With Linxon, we have a strong partner at our side for the project in Beuren and the further realisation of the energy transition. As such, we look forward to a long-term partnership with Linxon”, states Domenico Gentile, Head of Procurement & Contract and Claim Management of TransnetBW.

Linxon is building the infrastructure to power the world with carbon-free energy. We strive to minimise the carbon impact of our business activities by continually looking for supply options and working methods that will significantly reduce carbon emissions – in design, procurement and construction.

In a partnership that combines SNC-Lavalin’s project management expertise and Hitachi Energy’s industry-leading technological knowledge, Linxon is building the infrastructure to power the world with carbon-free energy by continually looking for sustainable supply options and working methods. This project is the third contract Linxon has been awarded in Germany, building an ongoing relationship between TransnetBW and Linxon.

Image source: Courtesy of Linxon

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