Linxon has signed an exclusivity agreement with Available Power for the 100 MW/200 MWh Greenport Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) project in Austin, Texas. This agreement strengthens the relationship between both parties, following their strategic partnership for 1GW of distributed energy storage projects in the ERCOT market.

Ben Gregory, President of Available Power, said, “We are pleased to collaborate with Linxon on this flagship project for our partnership. Battery energy storage is a vital component of our distributed energy resource (DER) platform, deploying highly available and flexible power assets that secure access to clean, reliable energy. We are confident that our partnership with Linxon will help us expedite the energy transition in Texas and generate value for our investors, landowners, and grid operators.”

Nicolas Sanloup, President and Managing Director of Linxon Americas, stated, “What an exciting time for both of our companies. We are proud of our deep relationship with Available Power and are pleased to contribute to the development of a premier DER platform. The Greenport project is the achievement of months of collaborative work demonstrating our mutual commitment to a sustainable energy future.”

This addition serves as a testament to the strength and momentum behind their collaboration. The project scope includes the design, construction, installation, and testing of all equipment required for the BESS installation, including a 345/34.5kV, 130 MVA step-up power transformer, 345kV AIS equipment, battery enclosures, inverter skid with coupling transformer, inverter control system/EMS, and station auxiliary supply system.

The Greenport project is planned to be completed by Q1 2025. Available Power and Linxon will continue their journey, accelerating the energy transition and fostering sustainability in the Texas ERCOT market.

Image source: Courtesy of Linxon

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