A fund managed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), yesterday acquired lease area OCS-A 0544 in the region known as the New York Bight. Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners funds are also behind half of the joint venture of the Vineyard Wind I project.

“The auction of lease areas in the New York Bight represented a strong investment opportunity given the anticipated growth of the offshore wind industry in the US in the coming years,” said Christian Skakkebæk, Senior Partner and Cofounder of CIP. “By adding OCS-A 0544, our combined portfolio on the East Coast gives us the ability to find synergies across the entire project portfolio.”

In addition to Vineyard Wind, CIP, through its management of CI IV, also owns lease area OCS-A 522, which is located in the New England Wind Development Area. Acquisition of this latest lease area gives CIP the potential to develop at least 3.5 gigawatts of energy on the East Coast of the United States.

“The addition of this latest lease area will allow us to serve key markets along the Eastern Seaboard from New Jersey to New England,” continued Skakkebæk. “With one project already under construction and now two lease areas prime for development, CIP is proud to build on its industry-leading experience and strong existing team and looks forward to bringing the jobs and environmental improvements that will benefit the entire region.”

Source: https://cipartners.dk/
Image source: Courtesy of CIP; image of Beatrice wind farm for illustration purposes only

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