In 2020, NKT was awarded a major part of the SuedLink and SuedOstLink projects, enabling the transport of renewable energy from the Northern part of Germany to the South. NKT now announces three local subcontractors supporting the logistics and cable installation of the HVDC power cable systems for the projects.

“As a major supplier for several of the German corridor projects, we are proud to support the transition to renewable energy in Germany with our extensive experience and proven power cable technologies. With the selection of subcontractors, we take an important step in installing the power cable infrastructure needed for the Energiewende. All three contractors have a proven track record from other cable projects, a local German footprint and have successfully supported us before,” says Alexander Kara, President and CEO of NKT.

NKT has completed a major milestone in the projects by qualifying and selecting the following subcontractors for cable installation and logistics:

  • Hegmann Transit GmbH & Co
  • Bohlen & Doyen Bau GmbH
  • ea.R Energieanlagen Ramonat GmbH

NKT has a strong footprint in Germany and an important part of the power cables for the corridor projects will be manufactured and tested at the high-voltage factory in Cologne. Besides the qualification process of the subcontractors, local presence in Germany has been part of the selection criteria. Local support for the German infrastructure projects will not only increase the efficiency and sustainability of the project but will also contribute to the German economy and the creation of jobs in the country.

The German corridor projects consist of three long-distance power transmission lines to transport renewable energy from the country’s Northern parts to the South. These transmission lines with 525 kV HVDC power cables are key to realising Energiewende, Germany’s long-term strategy to move to renewable energy by 2050.

Image source: Courtesy of NKT

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