Nordex Group has again received an order from Lithuania. Nordex Group will supply eleven N163/5.X turbines for the 62.7 MW “Jurbarkas II” wind farm for the Lithuanian project developer, Green Genius. The order also includes a premium Service contract for the maintenance of the turbines for a period of 25 years.

The wind farm will be built near the town of Jurbarkas in an agricultural region in the southwest of the country, around 50 kilometres from the Baltic Sea. It is characterised by average wind speeds of more than 7 m/s, which makes the Delta4000 series turbines, which will sit on 159-metre towers, the perfect choice for the project.

Delivery and installation of the turbines will take place in 2024, and Green Genius will operate the eleven Nordex turbines which will have a capacity of 5.7 MW.

When entering the Lithuanian market in 2015, the Nordex Group installed the “Jurbarkas” wind farm with eight N117/3000 turbines in the same region. At that time, Nordex set up a Service Point near the wind farm from which the “Jurbarkas II” turbines will also be serviced following their commissioning.

Image source: Courtesy of Nordex Group

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