GreenGo Energy, in partnership with German Encavis AG, has achieved “ready-to-build” status for the upcoming +270-hectare solar facility near Ringkøbing. The facility will be one of the largest in Denmark.

One of Denmark’s largest solar parks, Nørhede-Hjortmose near Ringkøbing, is now a significant step closer to being realised in full scale with the “ready-to-build” stamp.

The solar park has a capacity of 132 MW, equivalent to powering 42,000 households and, at the same time, replacing a significant amount of CO2 in Danish energy production. The project has been in planning for several years, and Karsten Nielsen, CEO of Danish GreenGo Energy, who is responsible for development and construction of the site, calls it a milestone that the project is now entering a new phase.

“This is a milestone. For us, for our strategic partner Encavis, and for the transition to green energy in Denmark. Together with Encavis alone, we are developing more than 500 MW of subsidy-free solar energy in Denmark. In total, GreenGo Energy have recently reached +2GW solar projects in Denmark sold to Tier1 clients. That is also a milestone,” says Karsten Nielsen.

Mario Schirru, Chief Investment Officer/Chief Operating Officer at German Encavis, is excited about the progress: “In about two and a half years, we have realised more than 280 MW of generation capacity from photovoltaic projects of our Strategic Development Partner GreenGo Energy in Denmark. Our Danish solar park portfolio now comprises almost 400 MW and, together with Germany (over 400 MW) and Spain (583 MW), is one of our largest solar park portfolios in Europe. The involvement of Encavis in Denmark is thus also a contribution to the further diversification of our activities in the growth market of subsidy-free solar energy”, he says.

Encavis and GreenGo Energy signed a strategic partnership back in 2019 to build over 500 MW of subsidy-free solar energy in Denmark. The largest (and first) projects are in Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality.

“In Ringkøbing, in particular, we see great ambitions. The collaboration with both the municipality and the local farmers providing land have been excellent”, Karsten Nielsen continues, including that GreenGo Energy is also involved in another large solar park in the area and that the facilities are part of the municipality’s plans to host one of the world’s largest energy parks with wind, solar, and power-to-X technology.

The Nørhede-Hjortmose park is expected to be fully operational from 2026.

Image source: Courtesy of Encavis

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