Odfjell Oceanwind and Source Galileo’s Norwegian branch, Source Galileo Norge AS, have signed an MoU to cooperate on developing floating wind parks using Odfjell Oceanwind’s technologies. The cooperation targets wind parks for the electrification of Oil & Gas installations, the Utsira Nord seabed development and selected floating wind parks in Europe. The partnership will apply for a seabed lease on Utsira Nord where the project, named UtsiraVIND, will use Odfjell Oceanwind’s proprietary solutions and suppliers for cost-competitive, industrial production of floating offshore wind units. 

“This cooperation is very exciting for us in Odfjell Oceanwind”, comments Per Lund, Odfjell Oceanwind’s CEO. “Over the last years, we have, together with our partners, matured solutions and supply chains for floating offshore wind with a primary focus on electrification of Oil & Gas installations. During recent months we have had dialogues with several consortia that intend to apply for seabed leases in the Utsira Nord area. These discussions have confirmed that our solutions are suitable and attractive for floating wind parks in general. Source Galileo and its management have already successfully developed several offshore wind parks. The connection to the European renewable energy platform Galileo provides the opportunity to realise major offshore wind parks like UtsiraVIND. Last but not least, this partnership represents an outstanding opportunity for us to export the solutions we have developed for the North Sea to other relevant areas. Our cooperation is a perfect combination of Norwegian technologies, international development and industrial execution capabilities as well as global export potential.”

“Odfjell’s experience in designing, building and operating floating structures in the North Sea combined with our offshore wind development and finance competences make our partnership a very strong one”, says Gunnar Birkeland, CEO of Source Galileo Norge. “Odfjell’s floating wind foundations provide for optimal production, safe and efficient operations, and are designed for effective assembly: three qualities which we value very highly. Together we will develop, own and operate safe and cost-efficient floating wind parks for the electrification of Oil & Gas installations and for supplying green energy to the power grids in Norway and Europe. Source Galileo has many renewable energy projects under development in Northern Europe using solar photovoltaic, wind, hydrogen and battery technologies. We are looking forward to developing the first floating wind parks where Norwegian technology is combined with strong complementary suppliers from both Norway and Europe. This cooperation satisfies all qualitative and quantitative criteria for a winning team and unites like-minded people with very strong motivation.”

Source: https://odfjelloceanwind.com/
Image source: Courtesy of Odfjell Oceanwind

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