Opdenergy is making progress in the processing of its renewable energy projects in Spain. Specifically, Opdenergy has obtained the Administrative Construction Authorisation for its PV plant located in the Spanish town of Manzanares, in Ciudad Real, with an expected installed capacity of 37 MWp. Meanwhile, Los Arcos PV plant in the province of Zaragoza, with an expected installed capacity of 50 MWp, has obtained a favourable Environmental Impact Permit.

These projects, which are expected to start construction by the end of 2021, are advancing in the administrative process required prior to their construction and start-up.

These projects are part of the agreement recently reached with BBVA for the financing of the development, construction, and commissioning of Opdenergy’s backlog in Spain, with a total expected installed capacity of approximately 725 MWp and for an amount up to EUR 500 million (of which up to EUR 76 million would be for guarantees linked to the PPAs and up to EUR 15-20 million would be for guarantees related to the reserve accounts usual in this type of transaction) and is scheduled to be launched before the summer of 2021.

Luis Cid, Opdenergy’s CEO, stated: “These authorisations, granted by the Public Administration, allow us to go ahead in the implementation of our renewable energy projects and consolidate our presence as an independent renewable energy producer in Spain, one of our main markets.”

Backlog project portfolio: 18 PV plants in four Spanish regions

Opdenergy plans to develop 18 PV projects, grouped in 9 clusters, located in different parts of Spain. Specifically, the company intends to develop and build several projects in Aragon: La Estación PV plant, located in Teruel, with an expected installed capacity of approximately 37.5 MWp; and in Zaragoza, the previously mentioned Los Arcos PV plant, as well as Los Cartujos, Montetorrero and Centrovia, with an expected installed capacity of approximately 50 MWp, 62.5 MWp, 150 MWp and 62.5 MWp, respectively.

Furthermore, in Castilla La Mancha, Opdenergy plans to develop and build the previously mentioned Manzanares 1 PV plant with an expected installed capacity of approximately 37MWp, located in Ciudad Real, and another 150 MWp corresponding to the Minglanilla solar plant, located in Cuenca. In the province of Zamora, Opdenergy will start up two plants of 25.4 MWp (Las Mulas) and 50 MWp (Las Capillas) of expected installed capacity. The development and construction of approximately 100 MWp of additional capacity are also planned with the Gazules 1 and Gazules 2 facilities, both located in the province of Cadiz.

Source: https://www.opdenergy.com/
Image source: Coutesy of Opdenergy

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