RWE has commissioned its 17th 17th wind farm in Italy. The 25.2 MW Selinus wind farm is installed in the Sicily region, where RWE already operates four wind farms. Six Vestas wind turbines (model V136) with a nominal power of 4.2 MW will generate green electricity sufficient to meet the annual demand of over 22,000 Italian households. RWE has invested over 30 million euros in the project. In autumn 2021, Selinus won the Italian onshore tender, winning a bilateral contract for difference (CfD) with the Italian government for the onshore project. And in less than a year, RWE was able to build and put the plant into operation.

Sustainable blade lifting technology

Olive groves surround the Selinus wind farm. The site is beautiful and challenging for transporting the 67-metre-long blades. A special blade lift technology was adopted to prevent the blades from impacting the olive trees during transport. A sustainable solution has made it possible to minimise the work to adapt existing roads and avoid cutting down the olive trees.

Image source: Courtesy of RWE

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