Saipem has received confirmation of the exercise of two options for additional scope of work within the North Field Production Sustainability Offshore Project (“EPCO” package) from Qatargas; the award was communicated on February 22nd, 2021. 

The additional scope of work of the two options is worth approximately 350 million USD and is related to rerouting of the hydrocarbons from existing wellhead platform through the new facilities, due to existing pipeline being decommissioned.

The activities to be carried out comprise the construction of two additional riser platforms, two additional connecting bridges with existing wellhead platforms, two corrosion-resistant carbon steel cladded intra-field pipelines with a length of 13 km overall and decommissioning of the existing pipeline. 

Works associated with the exercise of the options will be fully integrated with the project activities of two contract awards announced earlier this year, the North Field Production Sustainability Offshore and the North Field Production Sustainability Pipeline, which are both parts of the strategic development of the North Field production plateau.

This commercial achievement is further proof of trust in Saipem from Qatargas. Saipem is already working actively on project engineering and site preparation activities.


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