MT Højgaard Denmark has completed the expansion of Galløkken and the second stage of the port expansion of Rønne Havn. The work has followed the schedule of one and a half years and with increased use of local contractors.

The future-proofing of Rønne Harbor is progressing according to plan. At the end of 2022, the contractor company MT Højgaard Danmark will hand over the second stage of the harbour expansion and the expansion of Galløkken to the project area.

MT Højgaard Denmark has spent the last year and a half working on an extension of the outer pier in the industrial harbour in Rønne by 475 metres and establishing a further 300 metres of heavy cargo wharf with 50,000 m2 of hinterland. The two tasks, as well as the expansion of Galløkken, result in a total of approx. 100,000 m2 of new harbour area.

The expansion of Rønne Havn’s second stage is complete according to the port’s master plan, which must prepare Rønne Havn A/S for the increased demands made by the port’s customers, and the expansion must thus contribute to future-proofing the function as a commercial port on Bornholm.

“With the expansion, we can continue the significant growth we are experiencing, especially in the shipping of offshore wind from Bornholm. Our ambition is to maintain the position as the most attractive port in the Baltic Sea for the installation of offshore wind, and we have significantly strengthened that competitive position with the expansion, which is planned to cater for all the port’s business areas,” says Lars Nordahl Lemvigh, CEO of Rønne Havn A /S.

At MT Højgaard, which has been in charge of the second stage of the harbour expansion and Galløkken, there is pride and joy that the project has been completed exactly on schedule.

“Bornholm is often called the island of sunshine, but compared to many other places in Denmark, the weather, with more often strong winds and big waves, has been a bit of a challenge. Despite the challenges, we were still able to keep to our tight schedule and complete the project on time, and with great help from the local suppliers,” says project manager Dan Locht from MT Højgaard Denmark, who has a lot of praise for the local companies.

In connection with the expansion, MT Højgaard Danmark has chosen to use a number of local subcontractors and has put in over DKK 75 million in total. kroner at Bornholm companies.

One of the local companies that has had a lot of work in connection with the latest port expansion is Maskingaarden in Rønne.

“It has been a real pleasure to work with MT Højgaard, who has given us far more tasks than we had dared to hope for. It has also meant something for our employment. In 2021, we were able to expand our workforce by a third as a result of the increased activity with the port expansion, and we have been able to hold on to the vast majority of employees so far,” says Martin Kofod, director of Maskingaarden.

With the completion of the second stage of the port expansion, the Port of Rønne has taken an important step in future-proofing the port. This summer, Rønne Havn advanced two planned stages described in the Master Plan 2050. Work on the establishment of the next stages will begin in 2023 at the earliest and is planned to be able to provide 10 hectares of the additional multifunctional project area for, among other things, offshore projects.

Rønne Havn A/S is in the process of processing the next part of the future assurance by the authorities and is planning a tender round for the project during 2023.

Image source: Courtesy of Port of Roenne A/S

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