Following a long-standing partnership, SUNOTEC, the international general contractor for the construction of large-scale solar plants, and the German project developer securenergy solutions AG have joined forces via the joint venture SECURSUN. The joint objectives have already been worked out: By 2026, the newly founded company will realise renewable energy power plants with a total capacity of at least one gigawatt. This will generate twice as much electricity as the Niehl 3 plant in Cologne, one of the largest conventional natural gas heating plants in Germany.

The solar parks will be connected to the grid and operated by SECURSUN. The portfolio currently consists of 45 photovoltaic projects with individual project sizes ranging from 2 to 220 megawatts, with estimated completion dates between 2023 and 2026. The majority of the projects are to be operated on a PPA (power purchase agreement) basis. Other parts of the portfolio will participate in the upcoming tenders under the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). The first photovoltaic projects are expected to go into construction as early as the end of the year.


Bernhard Suchland, CEO of SUNOTEC, explains: “With the merger of the two companies, we will henceforth have specific and easily combinable know-how at different levels. We have recognised this potential and are determined to use it. According to the climate protection targets of the German government, the share of renewable energies must almost double within less than ten years. So we still have to gain significant momentum.” The joint venture partners look back on their many years of experience.

“We have combined our individual strengths through the new joint venture. Accordingly, SECURSUN will be able to handle and serve the topics related to the individual project phases of the solar parks in planning even faster and more efficiently in the future,” says Holger Stabernack, CEO of securenergy solutions AG.

Image source: Courtesy of securenergy solutions AG

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