The first three XXL monopiles for the Arcadis Ost 1 Offshore Wind Project have been completed and have set sail for the Port of Roenne, the Arcadis Ost 1 wind farm marshalling harbour. This is the first set of 28 monopile units (27 WTG, 1 OSS) that will be transported to Roenne over the next months where preparations for the installation of the offshore wind farm have begun.

The fabrication of these XXL monopiles started in August 2021 at the Steelwind Nordenham factory. The OSS monopile, which is one of the first to be transported weighs just over 2.100 tonnes, measures 110m and has a diameter of 9,6m, making it one of the biggest monopile in offshore wind history and the biggest in Europe. The WTG monopiles weigh 2.000 tonnes, measure 100m and have a diameter of 9,4m.

Three cranes are required for lifting the monopiles onto the barge. The operation involves the use of two fixed quay cranes operated by SRT and one mobile crane, ensuring safe load-out operation.

Wim Verrept, Arcadis Ost 1 Project Director, commented: “The successful load-out of the first monopiles sets our installation schedule in motion. After more than two years of preparation, planning and successful collaboration with our partners, we are impatiently anticipating the beginning of installation activities in the Baltic Sea”

Dr. Andreas Liessem, Managing Director of Steelwind, added: “Steelwind is proud to have produced and delivered one of the biggest and heaviest Monopile foundations ever build for the Arcadis Ost 1 wind farm. Together with Parkwind, DOPSL and our subcontractors we have met and mastered multiple challenges in relation to weight and dimensions. We are looking forward to soon seeing those XXL Monopile foundations generating climate-friendly energy for the coming decades and contributing to the energy turnaround.”

“We are happy to be again in the driving seat of this pioneering step in the Offshore Wind. Our heavy-lift floating installation vessel Orion is in final preparation for the Arcadis Ost project and will be ready to install these gigantic Monopiles of 2.100T in May later this year. Being able to handle and install Monopiles of this large size will play a huge role in the further cost cutting of offshore wind costs and as DEME Offshore we are thrilled to be a leader in this evolution” says Bart de Poorter, General Manager DEME Offshore.

Image source: Courtesy of Parkwind

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