Quanta Energy S.A. will build PV power plants on the roofs of 10 MLP Group S.A. logistics parks. Their capacity will total 5.93 MWp – which makes it the largest on-site project in Poland to date.

MLP Group S.A. specialises in the construction and management of innovative warehouse centres. The company follows a “green industrial developer” strategy. To reduce the conventional energy consumption, carbon footprint and generate additional revenue from green energy sales, the company invests in building photovoltaic installations on the roofs of its warehouses. Quanta Energy S.A. is responsible for the implementation of the project, which will reach a total capacity of 5.93 MWp.

The energy generated by PV power plants designed by Quanta Energy S.A.’s engineers will be used mainly onsite – for self-consumption of electricity at the investor’s facilities. The area used directly for the project will amount to 120 thousand square metres on 10 MLP Group S.A. logistics centres. The works have already begun, and the entire project is expected to be ready in Q1 2023.

Due to the limited load-bearing capacity of the warehouse roofs, a special lightweight construction will be designed so that the installation is efficient and safe.

The solar power systems built on the roofs of MLP Group S.A.’s warehouses, with a total capacity of 5.93 MWp, will produce approximately 5.3 GWh of electricity per year. The estimated revenue at current wholesale prices for energy for 2022 will amount to approximately PLN 4 million.

Piotr Grzybczak, President of Quanta Energy S.A., emphasises that ESG requirements have greatly increased the implementation of green energy sources in Polish companies, but apart from carbon footprint protection, photovoltaics is above all an excellent business case.

“The rates of return are in the region of 20 pct based on energy prices for 2022, and corporate projects have pay-off periods ranging from five to seven years. These returns are quite different from what we saw only three years ago. Energy prices for 2022 across Europe, including Poland, have risen by up to 50–100 pct depending on the time of purchase. This growth has been driven by several factors, including the rising prices of CO2 emissions (which recently have topped EUR 82 per tonne), the unprecedented spike in energy demand seen in 2021, the surging gas prices and the higher cost of ‘rainbow’ certificates. In addition, the capacity fee, introduced in January 2021, will go up in 2022 from PLN 76.2 to PLN 102.6 per MWh, and we also expect a slight increase in distribution fees. Against this backdrop, solar power systems offer the most effective solution to the problem of rising energy costs,” said Piotr Grzybczak, the president of Quanta Energy.

“The protection of the environment is fully integrated into our green industrial developer strategy. Typically, all our new buildings are BREEAM and DGNB certified for environmental performance and functionality. Having partnered with Quanta Energy, we are now commencing a wide-ranging project to develop rooftop solar PV farms at our logistic parks. All these measures are geared towards the target of achieving zero carbon emissions in a few years. Environmentally sound solutions are also what our tenants expect. For clients operating in the warehouse industry a lower carbon footprint means delivering on their climate protection commitments, which are increasingly taken on by business operators, but also considerable savings from reduced costs of operating commercial space,” added Radosław T. Krochta, the president of MLP Group.

Source: https://rpower.solar/
Image source: Courtesy of R.Power Renewables

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