Bekaert has recently launched its new video showing the benefits of its Bezinox® non-magnetic armouring wire, a heavily galvanised, austenitic stainless-steel wire used for protecting three-phase submarine power cables.

As part of the broader offshore wind strategy to go for a carbon-neutral Europe, Bekaert sees value creation potential in the renewable energy business, with its long-term history in subsea armouring solutions for electricity export cables.

Based on its market and customer insights from cable manufacturers, designers, TSOs and wind farm operators, Bekaert understands challenges faced by this market and how to develop a product that can significantly help these market challenges.

Bekaert has developed its non-magBekaert has developed its non-magnetic galvanised stainless steel armouring wire – Bezinox®, which eliminates armouring losses to cope with these challenges.

Galvanised stainless steel has significant benefits, with non-magnetic behaviour being of most importance. Stainless steel has a low permeability, which reduces energy losses in the armouring by the cable’s magnetic field. Consequently, this property significantly increases the cable’s efficiency without interfering with the cable design, as is the case with other armouring solutions.

A heavy zinc layer on austenitic steel offers an excellent resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion – perfect for marine applications. Even when the zinc layer gets damaged, the surrounding zinc will act as a sacrificial anode and protect the underlying stainless steel. Combining these features provides a much more predictable and reliable coating lifetime and performance than uncoated stainless steel solutions, making Bezinox® armouring wire ideal for all your submarine power cables.

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