Unilin Insulation now produces its own renewable energy locally thanks to the 5,550 solar panels that ENGIE has installed on the roof of its head office in Desselgem. ENGIE financed the installation and will take care of its maintenance. After 15 years, Unilin Insulation will become the owner of it, while now providing a large part of its production with solar energy.

Solar panels cover the roof of Unilin Insulation’s production site in Desselgem, where its head office is also located. Unilin Insulation is a division of the Unilin Group. With a leading position in the roofing elements market, it is one of the largest players in the European polyurethane market. The head office, located in the suburb of Waregem, employs 300 people.

With a total capacity of 2.5 MW, the new facility will produce approximately 2,260 MWh per year. This corresponds to the annual consumption of 650 families. Unilin Insulation will self-consume most of the electricity produced, which will save 900 tonnes of CO 2 per year. In terms of climate impact, this is equivalent to taking more than 450 diesel cars off the road. Thanks to their east-west orientation, the solar panels will generate electricity for the production lines throughout the day.

The solar panels were installed via the mechanism of a third-party investor, ENGIE in fact providing the financing. In addition, he will take care of their maintenance. Unilin Insulation will benefit power generation on favourable terms and will become the owner of the facility after 15 years.

Lieven Malfait, President of Unilin Insulation: “We develop and produce sustainable insulation solutions. So it goes without saying to us that we also manufacture these products using green energy. These solar panels fit perfectly into Unilin’s sustainability ambitions. We are therefore proud to be able to welcome on our Desselgem site the largest installation of solar panels that ENGIE has ever installed at one time with an industrial partner in Belgium”.

Mark Dirckx, Director of the Industry segment of ENGIE Solutions: “ENGIE aims to be the leader in the transition to a carbon-neutral future. To achieve this ambition, we provide businesses with the means to make their transition to greater sustainability easily and at a lower cost. Thanks to our expertise in solar energy and our third-party investor offer, we have already contracted 155 solar installations from companies, for a total capacity of 61 MW. By the end of 2030, ENGIE is aiming for a total capacity of more than 250 MW, i.e. 250 hectares of solar panels spread over the roofs and sites of a large number of companies. We are happy to have found in Unilin Insulation a partner ready to make the energy transition a reality with us”.

Source: https://www.engie.com/
Image source: Courtesy of ENGIE

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