Van Oord / Cablel has selected First Subsea to supply cable protection systems (CPS) for the Export Cables and Cross Over Protection for TenneT’s Net op zee Hollandse Kust (zuid) (Offshore Wind Farm located 20 kilometers off the coast of The Hague in the Netherlands).

First Subsea will engineer, test and supply a CPS for the protection of the 220 kV Export Cables and the 66 kV Interlink Cable between the J-tube at the offshore sub-stations, Alpha and Beta. The platforms shall be of a jacket design and J-tubes used to guide and protect the export cables entering the platforms. The export cables are protected by the CPS, which is  installed on top of the scour protection and trenched beyond the scour protection.

The CPS has been designed to ensure the power cables are protected against vortex induced vibrations, instability due to waves and currents, touchdown protection, edge scour and abrasion. In addition, it provides improved cable fatigue performance, optimised installation and simple disconnection should it be required.

The scope of work also includes crossing protection for four submarine power cables which will each cross three pipelines. A total of twelve pipeline crossings shall be supplied and installed by Van Oord / Cablel. The crossing designs consist of a CPS, which will be designed and supplied by First Subsea.

First Subsea Managing Director John Shaw ‘This is a great award for First Subsea, we are delighted to have been selected by Van Oord / Cablel to supply our cable protection system for the most critical cables installed on the project.” The Lancaster based company has installed CPS for array, export, floating, cross-overs and beach landing offshore wind applications globally.

Image source: Courtesy of First Subsea

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