Vattenfall has appointed Havfram Wind as preferred supplier for the installation of wind turbines for Vattenfall’s Norfolk projects in the United Kingdom. The agreement covers transport and installation works over a period of 3 years, utilising one of Havfram Wind`s newbuild NG20000X Jack-Up Wind Turbine Installation Vessels (WTIV) with a 3,200-ton crane. The works will start in the spring of 2027.

Even Larsen, CEO of Havfram Wind, underlined the important position of Vattenfall in the market and their ambitious offshore wind targets for Europe: “Our collaboration with Vattenfall is of great importance for us as an ambitious and fast-growing offshore wind construction company. Vattenfall is one of the largest players in the industry and already provides millions of European households with clean, renewable energy. The Norfolk Boreas and Norfolk Vanguard projects are of particular interest because of their multi-GW size and their important contribution to the UK renewable energy market, the largest in Europe.”

Martin Degen, Commercial Director and Vice President of Havfram Wind spoke of the relationship between Vattenfall and Havfram as follows: “We are extremely proud to be trusted by Vattenfall for such prestigious projects. Vattenfall is a very experienced developer and has carried out a thorough selection process with a high focus on quality and details. This clearly indicates that we, at Havfram Wind, have the right team onboard and have made the right choice for vessel capacity and time to market.”

Image source: Courtesy of Havfram Wind

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