Vestas has received a 66 MW order for a wind project in Turkey. The contract includes the supply and installation of eleven V162-6.0 MW wind turbines, as well as a 15-year Active Output Management 4000 (AOM 4000) service agreement.

With a swept area of over 20,000m², the V162-6.0 MW applies the largest rotor size in Vestas’ onshore product portfolio to achieve industry-leading energy production paired with a high capacity factor.

“With the V162-6.0 MW, Vestas continues to drive down the cost of energy and increase the annual energy production of our customers’ projects. We are glad to see how the EnVentus platform enters the Turkish wind energy market and expands its footprint across markets globally.”, says General Manager of Vestas Turkey, Olcayto Yigit. 

Vestas installed Turkey’s first wind turbine in 1984 and has since then delivered over 1.8 GW of wind capacity to the country.

The project and customer are undisclosed.

Image source: Courtesy of Vestas

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