The consortium made up of Dragados Offshore – a subsidiary of Cobra IS – and Siemens Energy has been awarded by Amprion Offshore a contract to design, build and install high-voltage direct current (HVDC) converter platforms.

The converter platforms will be installed in the North Sea to connect several wind farms to the grid.
They will collect the generated alternating current and convert it into high voltage direct current for transport to the onshore stations, located up to 280 km away.

The construction of the platforms will take place at Dragados Offshore’s yard in Cádiz, Spain, and will generate over 1.000 jobs, providing workload until 2027.

With a total transmission capacity of 1.8 GW, these platforms will be sufficient to supply from 2028 the electricity for a major city like Hamburg of 1.8 million people.

The project, part of the German energy transition plan, is among the most important energy transition projects in Germany.

Dragados Offshore has already been awarded two other HVDC projects of this type, which are in progress.

Image source: Courtesy of VINCI

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