WFS Technologies has announced a new strategic oil & gas partnership which is set to support global growth for its patented Seatooth® products.

AeonX Limited (Nigeria) has signed a partnership agreement with WFS to promote and deliver the full range of state-of-the-art Seatooth products for asset integrity and flow assurance monitoring to existing and new clients in Nigeria.

As an integrated oil and gas engineering company providing subsurface and engineering services, AeonX recognised that the WFS range of wireless asset and structural integrity monitoring devices were key to their continued success in West Africa and complemented their own specialist services to clients. As a result, they are now able to provide wireless asset integrity monitoring including real-time insight into the condition of subsea infrastructure as well as pipeline temperature and pressure monitoring and structural fatigue monitoring.

AeonX, which is also a technical advisory to the West Africa oil and gas industry, provides expert professional solutions across subsurface and engineering projects including production and reservoir management, production optimisation and digital oil fields technology, flow assurance and total asset management.

Winifred Bassey, of AeonX, said: “A key aspect to achieving production optimisation and asset integrity objectives lies in availability of field data for which adequate instrumentation is key. We are proud to be in a technical partnership with WFS Technologies as we together unlock value with the Seatooth wireless tools within the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

WFS Technologies (WFS) is a world leader in subsea wireless automation, Subsea Internet of Things® (SIoT) and Subsea Cloud Computing Networks (SCCNs). The company’s proprietary Seatooth technologies significantly improve management of offshore energy assets and increase production as well as reduce both cost and risk.

Richard Adams, of WFS Technologies, said: “WFS is extremely pleased to announce the expansion of our distributor network. AeonX brings a unique set of skills and services to enable WFS to continue to grow, and we are looking forward to working with the AeonX team in Lagos to drive sales in the local and regional industry. 

WFS is the only company in the world to offer the capability to transmit data through the water, air boundary and splash zones, or through solid materials such as steel plating and concrete using RF (Radio Frequency) communication. Its range of products allow for subsea asset integrity and flow assurance monitoring wirelessly.

Image source: Courtesy of WFS

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