X-ELIO has been awarded 15 MW in the first Feed-in-Premium (FIP) auction launched by the Ministry of Economy and Trade Industry (METI) in Japan, in which it has granted 153.7 MW of new solar PV capacity.

The firm’s 15 MW project has been awarded in this 1st FIP auction for 20 years since COD. It will be located in the Yamaguchi Prefecture, and the estimated commercial operations date is expected to be in the second half of 2024.

X-ELIO established operations in Japan in 2012 and has successfully developed 380 MW of 100% renewable energy since then. With this achievement, X-ELIO seeks to keep growing and reinforcing its position in the country while contributing to Japan’s “Beyond-Zero” Carbon ambitious roadmap.

Toshiaki Isoi, Country Manager of X-ELIO in Japan stated: “Japan has an enormous challenge ahead to reach its net-zero ambitions and X-ELIO’s team is highly committed to develop innovative structures to continue at the forefront of the Japanese solar industry.”

Mirko Molinari, Chief Commercial Officer of X-ELIO stated: “X-ELIO is committed to support Japan`s ambitions to make renewable energy a major power source within the local energy mix and we are delighted to have been awarded by this new important market mechanism”

Source: https://www.x-elio.com/
Image source: Courtesy of X-ELIO

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